A House Worth 3 Million Dollars Was Abandoned And Forgotten Since 1895, Until Somebody Finally Dared To Enter

Exactly 278 years ago, in 1741, a beautiful house was built in London: Malplquet House. The building was occupied for 150 years by rich families who could afford to live there.


The capital of England however, became increasingly popular. It blossomed into a modern, bustling and powerful city that attracted many people. The last time the house was inhabited was in 1890, falling derelict since then. For years it remained uninhabited. For years nobody dared to step a foot inside the house.


Because the house was uninhabited and untouched, stepping into it was like stepping into a time capsule. Time stood still there and it was exactly the same layout as it was in the 19th century. The building was perfectly preserved. Unaffected.


The historic building, nowadays described as one of the forgotten mansions, was designed by Thomas Andrews. The first owner of the house became a widow to a wealthy Jewish businessman. When he died, brewer Harry Charrington moved into the enormous house.