A House Worth 3 Million Dollars Was Abandoned And Forgotten Since 1895, Until Somebody Finally Dared To Enter


The Malplquet House was surrounded by concrete walls and iron railings. The inside walls were covered with historic artefacts and made the house very special. But then World War II broke out and the house was heavily damaged in various air-raids.


The house was heavily damaged and it wouldn’t be until the late 90s before museum director Tim Knox and landscape architect Todd Lonstaffe-Gowan bought the estate, to house their enormous collection of art and antiques.


For the most part, the Malplaquet House was restored to its former glory. The house was also decorated to its former style. Even the Toilet was decorated historically and hung with paintings.

Hunting trophies

Despite the damages inflicted during the second world war, the hallway and the stairs were left undamaged. It has remained so since 1975 and was filled with hunting trophies from the same period.