Woman Buys Second-Hand Bag Purse, Discovers Hole In Line And Does Emotional Discovery

Sarah Thomas, living in America, is a real bargain hunter. Whenever she would pass a second-hand store, she could not help but go in and look for bargains. She went through all the boxes for anything unusual or interesting, and usually she found something unique. She had thought to have seen everything in her time, but boy, she was wrong!

Bargain hunter

Here Facebook page – Sarah’s Southern Oregon Second Hand Deals – turned out to be so successful she even started making a profit on her second-hand items.

She worked hard and travelled multiple times per week to the local second-hand store to find that one special item. Some visits were very good and she found designer dresses, beautiful shoes and expensive purses for a nice price!But the next purchase would change her life.


Sometimes, Sarah discovered some of her purchases were worn or damaged, making them unfit for resale. But things can also run completely different. That was the case when Sarah saw a designer bag for only $3 and something told her she should buy that bag!Her intuition was right, and would turn out to be much more valuable.