Woman Sends Text Messages To Her Deceased Father Every Day For Four Years And Suddenly She Gets A Reply

It is everyone’s nightmare: losing your father. When a parent dies, your entire world comes apart; it must be an unbearable feeling. An event you would prefer never to experience, but you cannot escape it at the end of the ride. It is terrible if a parent dies of old age, but something anyone could live with. Losing your father or mother unexpectedly at an early age is a lifelong trauma.

Unfortunately, Chastity Patterson has experienced this trauma. This woman from America was only 23 when she lost her father. Ligons died in a severe car accident and four years later she is still not over it. Chastity was only 19 when it happened.

Still, she decided not to say goodbye to her father entirely. During the funeral she did, of course, but Chastity found it so difficult to cope that she remained in ‘contact’ with him in a special way. Sending text messages to her father’s number, she kept her father informed of her life and how she was doing.

When 4 years later she suddenly received a text message back, she was in shock! Read on to see why.