Woman Sends Text Messages To Her Deceased Father Every Day For Four Years And Suddenly She Gets A Reply

One day, Chastity decided to send her father another text message. It was her father’s birthday the next day, and it was already the fourth time she celebrated his birthday after his death. She had difficulty coping and therefore decided to take her mobile and send a brief message:

‘Hey dad, it’s me. Tomorrow will be a difficult day again’, she texted, not expecting a reply. For four years she had been sending messages to her father’s old number. She beat cancer, finished her studies, fell in love, was left behind with a broken heart, was very down, but then found someone who saved her life. She does not have children yet, but is ready for it. She is afraid of marriage, because Ligon wouldn’t be there to lead her to the altar. That’s what she wrote. But suddenly she did receive a message back, which startled her tremendously!

To her surprise, a text message of her to Jason Ligons’ old number was answered. What the message contained went around the world, all the more so when she decided to share this extraordinary story on Facebook.

The message opened with: ‘Hello love, I am not your father…’
Read on to see who this person was and what else was in the reply. Incredible!